etchIDENT etch cream dabber bottle 1.5 fl oz (44ml) $8.50 each

This etchIDENT dabber is a great improvement over the open bottle and brush-on approaches. Not only is the application of the etch cream faster and smoother, but also the risk of spillage accidents with open jars is absolutely eliminated. Keep the dabber applicator tip tightly capped and in your pocket between uses and worry no more about a curious child getting into the etch cream.

etchIDENT stencils 1.25"x3" 1000 pack $130.00 each

etchIDENT wax coated tissue stencils are 1.25 inches tall and 3 wide and are available in packs of 1000 and 3000. the packages are shrink wrapped to prevent damage and for easy handling. etchIDENT stencils allow you to permanently etch text and graphics such as VIN (vehicle identification numbers) and industrial glass marks (BUG) onto automobile windows, laminated glass, safety backed mirror, ect. The stencils can be imprinted by either a dot-matrix printer or a typewriter (remove ribbon).

etchIDENT stencils 1.25"x3" 3000 pack $320.00 each